CAS in Transition

Do you know that kind of feeling that you can’t even explain? That feeling of being nervous or scared you might end up looking stupid in front of a huge crowd? Or that feeling of anger while waiting for someone who’s in-charge of your presentation and he came really late? Or you just can’t simply explain what you’re feeling at that moment when you’re about to deliver a speech in a hall filled with people you don’t even know (most of them) and you’re not even confident of the speech you made and had a limited time preparing for the said event?

THAT’s what I felt yesterday. All the Quake-Tsunami scare the day before didn’t really sink in me because of this. HAHA It all shows on my face. Nervous little me - first photo made me laugh though :)) 

It’s like a battle between Psychology and Information & Communication Technology majors :))

CONGRATULATIONS to the Psych major who won. She was REALLY GOOOOOOD. I admire her confidence. I forgot her name though ://

The Certificate without our names on it :)) 

It was quite an experience, good thing I was able to control my emotion and didn’t hyperventilate :)) If I did, it would be really scary, awkward and funny at the same time :)) LOL

Thanks Sir Julius for the opportunity :)

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